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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that we get asked. If you don’t find what you’re looking for please Contact Us and we will endevour to get back to you within 24 hours.

  • What is Luxe Roses?

    Luxe Roses is an online bespoke boutique providing the full gamut of stylish and uniquely presented premium products from our hand-crafted everlasting rose arrangements displayed beautifully in customised acrylic boxes to our carefully selected gifting products and curated gift boxes.

  • Where are you located?

    Sydney, NSW Australia.

  • What are everlasting roses?

    Everlasting roses are natural real flowers in appearance that have undergone a critical process of being cut at their best then placed in a mixture of glycerine to rehydrate the rose from its petals and stem. A dying process takes place to preserve its vibrant colour and texture. You can expect your everlasting roses to last up to three years if treated with care and following all care instructions.

  • Are the flowers used in real?

    Everlasting Roses are real flowers. The whole bud will have differences between one another. The colours of the everlasting roses have been dyed so they may fade with time and depending on where they are displayed. Please ensure your everlasting roses are stored away from direct sun or strong light. As they are real please be vary careful upon touching the buds as they can easily be damaged.

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  • How long do the flowers last?

    Everlasting flowers retain their supple touch and natural colour and last between 1-3 years (or longer in their sealed flower box). Follow our Care Instructions to ensure your flowers will last this duration of time.

  • Can you create a flower arrangement for me if I wanted to use a particular vase or keepsake box?

    Yes, we can create your own unique custom arrangement by you simply posting the vase to us and we will do the rest based on your requirements and colour palette. This can include preserved/dried flowers as well. Or we can take the stress off your hands by creating an arrangement leaving the assortment to us based on your budget and colour palette.

    *note the shipping of the vase to Luxe Roses is not covered by the final quote but in addition to the cost of the arrangement. Feel free to contact us with your enquiry at

  • How do I care for the everlasting roses?

    How to care for preserved roses and keep them and your memories alive.

    1. no water is required
    2. Avoid high moisture or dry areas
    3. Avoid direct contact with sunlight to prevent discolouration
    4. when dusty a hair dryer can be used.

    Moist air and humid conditions will cause transparency on the rose petals. This is quite normal however trying to keep the roses in conditions between 30-65% is ideal.

  • Do these flowers come with fragrance or scent?

    During the preservation process, the natural scent of the roses is “taken” away. A rose scent is added to some flowers but not with all buds.

  • Why are everlasting roses more expensive than fresh roses?

    Flower preservation is an expensive process as the process of dehydration and colouring uses high grade non-toxic, cosmetic grade chemicals. At Luxe Roses we ensure the selection of our preserved flowers meet the stringent quality control standards.

  • Are these flowers eco-friendly?

    Luxe Roses aspires to be a socially responsible and trusted company that is committed to sustainable practices. We use suppliers that are driven by the highest ethical standards and legal compliance throughout their practices, code of conduct and adhere to a critical aspect of sustainable growth which value creation.

    Luxe Roses use durable acrylic flower boxes that are easy to maintain and clean beyond the life of the roses within. All flower boxes have scratch proof clear silicone bumper pads to protect your surfaces from scratching. Our appreciation for sustainability and beauty allows you to re-purpose our products to suit your needs and style whether it be for make-up/beauty brushes, arts/craft supplies, pens or other collectibles to mix and match with your home decor to express your personality.

  • What If I changed my mind about the Flower arrangement and want to cancel the order?

    All our flower arrangements are made to order.  When choosing your Luxe Roses flower box please select carefully as we will not be able to offer refund or exchange due to each arrangement being hand made.

  • Can I request for a custom order for my flowers?

    Yes, we would love to make something incredible just for you! Email us at to discuss your requirements.

  • Are your orchids real?

    Our Luxe Roses Orchids are “real touch”. Real touch here means the Phalaenopsis Orchid flowers are made of latex (synthetic rubber, polymers), wire, artificial soil, cement, preserved moss. Each stem and leaf arrangement has been chosen and handcrafted into our Luxe Roses acrylic pot. The highest quality materials have been sourced from various suppliers to resemble a fresh arrangement. Our “real touch” orchids offer the ultimate in quality. They offer a realistic appearance however the feel to touch is imitated.

  • How do I care for my Orchid?

    Our real touch orchid arrangements have been carefully and individually created within their customised pots. Due to each pots individuality there will be differences to appearance.

    Avoid removing the arrangement from the pot. Any decorative moss or soil covering the arrangement are permanently fixed.

    The faux orchid stems can be wiped with a damp cloth and allowed to dry. Avoid using harsh chemicals or sprays as this can cause damage to the foliage.

    All stems have wires in their core and are bendable, so you can bend stems and foliage around to your liking however please be gentle in the process to avoid foliage coming away from the stem

  • What if a stem or orchid flower breaks?

    Faults and Warranty Claims

    Luxe Roses warrants all goods to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, and of acceptable quality and durability for the purpose for which they are designed. Warranties and guarantees are provided in accordance with Australian Consumer Law.

    If an item arrives that is missing parts, is faulty, is defective or has been damaged during manufacturing, please take photos or video clearly illustrating the problem and contact us as soon as possible, ideally within 3 business days of receiving your delivery.

    The best solution to any product fault depends on the nature of the fault itself, and the outcome that works best for you. We will work collaboratively with you to find a solution that you’re happy with.

    Faults and Warranty policy does not cover:

    • Normal wear and tear
    • Damage arising from improper assembly or modification
    • Damage arising from abnormal use or abuse
    • Damage, wear and tear as a result of improper or lack of maintenance and/or care (e.g. fabric, leather or timber)
    • Damage to external or product packaging only
    • Damage occurring during your own handling and transportation of goods
    • Insignificant minor variations in dimensions, colour, grain or finish
    • Insignificant minor imperfections or superficial blemishes
  • Can I add a card to my flower arrangement or gift box?

    Yes, each of our gift boxes comes with a complimentary gift card where we will hand write your message on the gift card.

  • Can I exchange items in my curated gift box?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer the option to exchange items as every curation is individually curated.

  • Can I swap items in my gift box?

    Yes you have the luxury of selecting your choice of colour for certain items within your chosen gift box. Alternatively, you can curate your own gift box to customise the recipient’s favourite colour, interest or you may find something else within our bespoke range that has not be added to any of our curated gift boxes.

  • An item in my curated gift box arrived damaged. What do I do?

    At Luxe Roses we work incredibly hard to ensure the highest quality products in every single curation. If you receive a product in your curated gift box that is damaged, please contact us at within 14 days of receiving your shipment and provide us with a photo of the damage goods.

    We will take care of everything for you within 72 hours.

  • What of a rose colour or product in the lifestyle store is sold out?

    We make every effort to maintain a sufficient stock of items on our website, but it is still possible for items and gift boxes to be sold out. Do not hesitate to contact us to find out when your favourite product or curated gift box will be available again by emailing us at

  • How many products fit in a gift box?

    Our gift boxes come in two sizes and in either White or Black.


    External dimensions: W285mm X L285mm X H115mm
    Internal dimensions: W270mm X L270mm X H110mm

    Generally 4-5 items will fit comfortably in our medium gift box. Depending on the size and shape of the selected item it may be ideal to choose the larger gift box.


    External dimensions: W385mm X L385mm X H115mm
    Internal dimensions: W370mm X L370mm X H110mm

    Generally 6-8 items will fit comfortably in our large gift box.

    Please carefully select the size and colour of your gift box you wish to purchase before making your payment.

    *Please Note:

    If selecting our MENU Wine Breather Deluxe Gold it will be packaged separately to the gift box due to the size and fragility of this item.

    *Our HUSK candle is unable to be packaged in a gift box due to the size of the wooden packaging. Alternatively, please select from our other beautiful candles from our lifestyle store.

  • What if I want to send more than one gift box to different addresses? 

    The simplest way is for you to create them as separate orders, with separate mailing addresses. Alternatively, we can send them all to your home and you can give them to your recipients.

  • Building a Gift Box with Alcohol?

    It is against the law in Australia to supply alcohol to a person under the age of 18 years and illegal for a person under the age of 18 years to purchase or receive liquor. For all gifts with alcohol included, please ensure that the recipient is aged over 18 years.

    Two litres is the maximum volume of alcohol permitted in each gift.
    The gift can only be delivered to another adult over the age of 18.
    The gifts must be delivered between the hours of 7am to 7pm.
    The gift delivery must adhere to the above rules. If it does not, or we deem the order delivery to be inappropriate we will notify you, cancel and refund your order as soon as possible.

  • Do you offer corporate gifting?

    Yes, we work directly with you to fully customise any luxury gift boxes for your valued employees, clients and partners. We can create branded gift boxes unique to your company and event.

    For all corporate enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us at to discuss any customisation to fit the needs of your professional agency and/or company that want to offer luxurious gifting.

  • Is your gift box packaging sustainable?

    Luxe Roses is proud believers in a sustainable and eco-friendly future. We have endeavoured to partner with brands that align with our actions and have a sound knowledge for ethically made and ecologically sustainable materials wherever possible.

    Our packaging products are eco-friendly and provide our customers with an experience that is not tarnished by excessive amounts of non-recyclable plastic. It is our incentive to customers to reuse or re-purpose our gift boxes and flower boxes.

    Our gift boxes have been carefully designed from the highest quality using sustainably sourced materials from an FSC accredited factory. Its super luxe-touch finish inside and out and strong rigid assemblage make it the perfect box for customers to repurpose.

    Our eco-friendly tissue and shredded paper is: FSC Certified: The FSC or Forest Stewardship Council certifies that the paper products that make up our printed tissue paper are sourced from a forest and supply chain that is managed responsibly and sustainably.

  • My order is a gift. Can you ensure no invoice or packaging slip is sent with my delivery?

    All invoices are sent via email. We make sure these are not included in your order.

  • Do you offer late payment options?

    At Luxe Roses we accept payments from all major credit cards. Alternatively, we offer Afterpay so why not take advantage of shopping now and paying later.

  • Do you ship single items from your lifestyle store? 

    Yes. We are an e-commerce boutique store. Single items will be wrapped in our ecofriendly tissue and honeycomb wrapping.

  • Do you ship worldwide?

    We currently do not ship worldwide but hope to do so in the near future.

  • Is same or next day delivery available?

    We offer next day delivery using our Express services shipping supplier (TNT Overnight, StarTrack Premium and DHL Express) to capital cities and major metropolitan areas, and remote locations within 2-4 working days. Please place your order by 12pm should you wish for next day delivery.

    METRO delivery times by state: 

    NSW – 1-2 Business Days

    ACT/VIC/QLD – 2-4 Business Days

    SA/TAS/NT/WA – 3-7 Business Days

    Standard Shipping $14.95

    Express Shipping $26.95

    Weekend deliveries are not available. Please note orders placed on Friday and over the weekend will not arrive until the following week.

  • Do you offer express shipping?

    The option of express shipment is available upon check out. Please expect to pay a higher premium for this option.

  • Can the flowers or curated gift box be delivered on weekends? 

    No weekend deliveries are not available. Please note orders placed on Friday and over the weekend will not arrive until the following week.

  • Do you provide a tracking number for the delivery?

    You will be provided with a tracking number.

    Please leave your details in the notes at check out with any special instructions and we will assist in any way that we can to ensure a smooth delivery.