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Interview with Nicole Louise- Inspirational Women and Brands

When researching innovative, clean and sustainable skincare products to share with my luxe community out there, I came across a brand I was instantly drawn into for several reasons but mainly for the list of quality organic ingredients sourced ethically and inspired by ancient Moroccan beauty rituals to produce a luxurious skincare collection founded by Nicole Castle.

Utilising high concentrations of premium grade plant oils this multifunctional, clean beauty brand is truly an obsession I’m buzzing about and personally using in my skincare ritual.

Get some exclusive insight from the woman behind the success of this skincare line aptly named Nicole Louise Apothecary.

Tell us about yourself- where you were raised and born?

I was born in Newcastle and raised in Sydney where I am still located. I grew up with three older brothers is Southwest Sydney with close access to bushland and the Georges River. I spent most of my time outdoors and it was an idyllic, carefree childhood, barefoot, surrounded by nature. I am a mum of two, both now adults and prioritise family above all else. I’m passionate about clean beauty, am a huge film and music buff and love to cook. I find having a creative outlet, be that formulating, cooking etc… is a tremendous source of pleasure and release for me.

How did you get your start in the skincare industry?

My experimentation and love of natural beauty was firmly established in childhood. After graduating from school, I undertook a Diploma in Cosmetology. Fast forward a few decades of trying to manage my sensitive and highly reactive skin, I began a Diploma in Organic Skincare Formulation and took a deep dive back into the intoxicating exploration of natural ingredients and clean beauty.

Describe your brand in three words.

BEAUTY BEYOND NATURAL™. What do we mean by this? It’s not enough for us to formulate with natural ingredients, we seek out the highest quality, all natural and organic ingredients in collaboration with organic farmers, rural producers and artisans where the emphasis is on fair trade, raw and sustainable ingredients. Our award-winning Kalahari Melon Seed Oil is supplied in small batches from our partners in the Kalahari Basin. It was here on this farm where the incredible properties of this unique oil were discovered as a direct result of combating acute climate change. We work in collaboration with female artisans from a fair-trade cooperative in Southern Morocco. Our raw Shea and Cococo butters are provided from rural artisans in Ghana. These valuable partnerships ensure we receive the highest quality ingredients while supporting the social, economic and ecological development of these rural producers.

What does clean-beauty mean to you?

Clean beauty is about celebrating the abundance of extraordinary, natural, wildcrafted and organic ingredients the earth provides. It’s about embracing products that connect us to nature and support and enhance the health of our skin and well-being.


What’s your wellness philosophy in relation to beauty and self-care?

Simplicity and consistency. I embrace a holistic approach to my beauty and self-care rituals, which to me are one. I find solace in the slow, mindful rythms of applying my skincare. I’m conscious of what I put on my skin and into my body. Although far from perfect, I do try to maintain a healthy diet opting for a variety of colourful fruits, lots of green veg and omega rich fish such as salmon and I drink a lot of water! Meditation, exercise and time in nature goes along way to helping manage my mood, alleviate stress and improve my quality of sleep.


What is the biggest lesson you’ve learnt coming out of this Pandemic both personally and professionally?

I’ve learnt how vulnerable we can be and how important it is to do our best to maintain our physical and mental health. I encourage you to slow down, breathe and be truly present as you perform your beauty rituals. Be mindful of the warmth of the water on your skin, the steam in the air, the feel of the oil slip beneath your fingers and massaging your skin. It’s these moments that afford you the opportunity to connect with self, connect with nature and nurture your whole well-being.

Are there any changes you will be implementing into the brand?

We are very excited to be adding new products to the range based on our award-winning Kalahari Melon Seed Oil.

Can you let us in on your favourite natural beauty tips, tricks and secrets?

The NICOLE LOUISE ® range is multifunctional, genderless and suited to all skin types. I love to incorporate them all, for example after a relaxing IN BLOOM facial steam, I use the beautiful botanically infused water to mix and activate MOROCCAN GHASSOUL. The water is rich in antioxidants and is the perfect way to level up your facial masque treatment. I also recommend misting with EAU DE ROSE before and after applying make-up to help prep, set and re-fresh throughout the day. It’s also an essential before applying your facial oils to help boost absorption and efficacy. Rose water has also been shown to boost and elevate mood so I’m constantly misting and embracing the beautifully bright aroma! I keep one in my desk drawer, on my nightstand and in the fridge to instantly cool and hydrate my skin.

Complete the sentence, I feel most beautiful when……..

I’ve completed a traditional Hammam treatment. My skin and hair feels clean, soft and radiant, my entire body feels exfoliated, moisturised and rejuvenated. I feel serene.