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Amarone della Valolicella is a rich full body, dry Italian red wine from the Veneto region. Characterised by ripe, bold flavours this red is primarily produced from the Corvina grape. Read more

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Produced in the boroughs of Negrar, Marano di Valpolicella, Sant’Ambrogio, Fumane, San Pietro in Cariano (the historic area of Valpolicella Classico production). The drying on racks of the Corvina, Rondinella and Negrara grapes until mid-January and the ageing in large oak barrels and barriques, together with the long period of rest in bottles, allow us to enjoy this great wine. Suitable with red meat, game and also as a dinner closing wine.

Organoleptic description:

Typical aromas of ripe fruit, fruit preserve, and cherry are immediately perceived on first olfactory examination. Particulary striking is the incredible long length that lingers on the palate, when the wine displays all its strength through a warm and elegant body.

Pairing and Serving:

It is an excellent partner to red meat, boiled meat, flavorsome risotto and hard cheeses. Perfect also as a “conversation wine”. Recommended drinking temperature 18-20C.

Analytical data:

Alcohol: 15%

Total acidity: 5,75g/l

Clean acidity: 0,65g/l

Reducing sugars: 6,0g/l

Net dry extract: 33,00g/l



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