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BioOrto Organic Passata Sauce 520g


The queen of preserved tomatoes: organic, incredibly flavoursome, and with 69% higher levels of antioxidant lycopene, these beauties have stunning shelf appeal. Read more

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Wholesome organic sugos are slow cooked using authentic, traditional regional recipes without preservative or added sugars and taste as if they were freshly made in your own kitchen (or your Nonna’s). The hand-crafted production process remains true to artisanal traditions.

  • All natural ingredients
  • Preservative free
  • Organic
“Gift-worthy organic produce that tastes even better than it looks.”

Ingredients: BIO tomato pulp (Italian origin) (40%), BIO tomato puree (Italian origin) (38%), BIO courgettes (4%), BIO aubergines (4%), BIO peppers (4%), oil Organic extra virgin olive oil, BIO onion, BIO carrot, BIO celery, salt, BIO garlic, BIO parsley, BIO oregano.

Unit of measure: 580g


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