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Cocktail Kit Dehydrated Citrus Orange


Dehydrated orange wheels. Eco friendly, compostable packaging. Approx. 20+ pieces of citrus. The perfect edible garnish for your Cocktails! Read more

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Dehydrated orange wheels

Eco friendly, compostable packaging

Approx. 20+ pieces of citrus

The perfect edible garnish for your G&T!

How much dehydrated citrus do I get?

Each packet of dehydrated citrus is approximately 30g which equates to 20+ pieces.

Wheels or slices?

Smaller fruit (lemons and limes) come in wheels whilst larger fruit (oranges, ruby red grapefruits and blood oranges) come in sliced (half wheels).

Comes delivered in a eco friendly, compostable bag as pictured (remove label before adding to compost bin).

Note:- will come in either wheels or half wheels, dependent on the size of the fruit.


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