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Indulge your inner-cocktail queen (or king) with our elegant hand-blown coupe cocktail glasses. Use to impress at your next cocktail party or a gift for that daquiri lover. Read more

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Product Information

Traditionally used to serve champagne and sparkling wine, a coupe cocktail glass is now most commonly used for cocktails. Also known as a champagne coupe glass (because of its origins), they’re wonderfully versatile and usually used for cocktails and drinks that are shaken or stirred and then strained without ice such as a Daquiri or Manhattan. The bowl shape makes it easier to swirl the drink with fewer spills and the stem allows the drinker to hold the glass without making it warm. Also, a fabulous way to serve desserts.

Designed in-house, our Copper Collection coupe glasses are totally unique with a copper sphere detail in the stem. Hand-blown and lead-free, this set of 2 is presented in a luxury gift-style box.

Each glass holds up to 150ml.


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