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Crimson en Noir


Our signature black acrylic box elegantly presents in a crimson palette of beautiful, preserved and faux flowers, symbolizing the trinity of love, courage, and passion. Read more

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Our Crimson en Noir flower box displays a sophisticated palette of crimson colours sitting elegantly in our black acrylic box measuring 11x11x15cm.

This is the perfect gift for that special someone in your life whether it be a birthday, anniversary or a celebratory occasion you will be sure to make them feel loved and special.

Product disclaimer

*Please note, due to display settings and different devices/screens, and changes in available preserved and faux flowers, exact colours may vary slightly.  Please also keep in mind these the availability of certain preserved flowers may very upon season or are subject to change. Every care will be taken to replicate this arrangement with similar preserved flowers of equal quality.


Avoid your arrangement to be positioned in direct sunlight as this will cause colour fading over time.

Keep your preserved arrangement in a cool, dry place in the home as humidity and moisture can also cause discolouration and accelerate their degradation.

No water is required, sprinkling water or spraying perfume on the arrangement can cause damage as the flowers may lose the properties that make them last for a long time.

Preserved flowers are still natural flowers, avoid crushing, pressing, or folding petals as they may break or lose its beauty.

As this arrangement contains both preserved and faux flowers, they can last for quite some time and inevitably will retain some dust. Dust your arrangement with a duster or a hair dryer on a cool setting from a moderate distance.


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