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Entertainers Delight


Unveil the Entertainers Delight gift box, a harmonious blend of elegance and functionality. Featuring a chic serving bowl, artisanal wooden salad servers, basil-infused olive oil, and a plush microfiber tea towel. Elevate every gathering with this exquisite ensemble, perfect for self-indulgence or thoughtful gifting.

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Tidal Salad Bowl

We love entertaining at home and believe that when it comes to putting on an impressive spread for your guests (or for just yourself), presentation is just as important as the delicious food that is served. Minimal and earthy, our Tidal Salad Bowl celebrates simple pleasures and the humble beauty of ceramics. These bowls have been carefully crafted by hand and finished in a reactive glaze meaning no two will be exactly alike.

Island Wooden Salad Servers

The Island Wooden Salad Servers are crafted from exquisite natural wood, boasting a beautiful wood grain that adds a touch of rustic charm to your table setting. Designed with long arms, these wooden salad serves make tossing and serving salads a breeze. The tan leather-wrapped handle adds a sophisticated touch to these salad servers, offering a luxurious feel in your hands. The fusion of wood and leather creates a stunning contrast.

Lemon Myrtle & Kawakawa Infused Olives 150g

Delicious green olives infused with Australian Lemon Myrtle, Tusi Basil, New Zealand Kawakawa and premium olive oil. Probably the world’s healthiest olives combining native healing herbs.


Made from a soft, absorbent microfiber, Manor Road tea towels are perfectly suited to drying glassware, crockery and cutlery. Gently clears away smears, watermarks and fingerprints to leave a streak-free finish.

Basil Pressed Olive Oil 250ml

With approximately 150g of Fresh South Australian Basil per bottle, this Agrumato style cold-extracted basil and olive oil is sure to delight. Perfect for pesto, Thai cuisine or just drizzled over bread.

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All products are carefully packed in our soft touch gift boxes, supported with crinkle paper for extra protection. A beautifully created everlasting posy is placed within the gift box, It is all then wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a premium Luxe Roses sticker. A handwritten card is included on top of the tissue paper and your box is closed and tied with beautiful grosgrain ribbon to complete the gift then shipped to the recipient’s door or yours.

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