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A contemporary curated gift box for that stylish modern man. Complete with those everyday office essentials with clean, safe and effective products engineered so the man in your life (or other male) works seamlessly! Read more

Triumph & Disaster Fibre Royale

Utilising a bespoke blend of Beeswax, Argan oil and Kawakawa to mould hair and treat the scalp

Triumph & Disaster Spice Deodorant

At Triumph & Disaster, we say that it’s good to sweat. With our deodorant ‘Spice’ our goal is to limit body odour by impairing the bacteria that produce it, dousing them with hypnotic, fragrant notes to create an intoxicating mix of exotic moolah.

Huskee Cup & Lid - 6oz

Our unique bio-polymer is what makes it possible. Built from waste coffee husk and our PP based resin, we have chosen materials for durability, food safety and the ability to re-purpose. When coffee is processed, first the skin and fruit is removed, then dried, and finaly the husk is hulled off. This is the tough fibrous shell we use.

ORBITKEY Nest Black, Portable Desk Organiser + Wireless Charger

A home for your everyday essentials, you’ll love the Orbitkey Nest for its portability and customisation options

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All products are carefully packed in our soft touch gift boxes, supported with crinkle paper for extra protection. A beautifully created everlasting posy is placed within the gift box, It is all then wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a premium Luxe Roses sticker. A handwritten card is included on top of the tissue paper and your box is closed and tied with beautiful grosgrain ribbon to complete the gift then shipped to the recipients door or yours.

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