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Luxe Rose Quartz Vibrating Face Roller


An innovative beauty messaging tool with the added perk of sonic vibration to help sculpt, firm, and workout facial muscles. Read more

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What it does:

This beauty massaging tool helps tone and sculpt your face. It comes with a beautiful Rose Quartz crystal that feels cool to touch. Utilising over 6000 vibrations per minute, it relieves facial tension and makes you feel like your face just got out of an amazing massage.

Luxe Roses Rose Quartz Vibrating Face Roller uses a combination of sonic vibration and Rose Quartz Stone to help rejuvenate and restore your skin!

Get clear, smooth, glowing skin
Tone & contour face
Reduce blemishes, spots & redness
Detoxify & increase hydration
Rejuvenate and glow
Waterproof, Sleek, Slim Design
Only requires 1 AA Battery (not included)

Step 1. Apply 1-2 drops of Booster serum to each area of the face and spread around. (You can use moisturiser or cleanser also)
Step 2. Simply twist the base to turn on the wand’s sonic vibration.
Step 3. Massage firmly in upward and circular motions, for a few minutes on each are of the face. Or if you have specific areas of concern you can target them.
Step 4. The wand is waterproof so you can rinse under water to clean it when needed


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