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Manuka Wood Smoked Olives 150g


Delicious olives, cold-smoked with New Zealand Manuka wood chip and infused with premium olive oil. Handcrafted using traditional smoking techniques to create a unique flavour. Store in a cool dark place for up to 12 months and enjoy the pack when those olive cravings hit! Read more

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Deeply Infused Olives

We take large olives and deeply infuse them with premium olive, truffle and chilli oil – rather than a salty, vinegary brine (like most supermarket olives). We then vacuum seal them for freshness, allowing the smokey, truffly, herby and chilli flavours from the oil to absorb into the olives.

How To Enjoy

Next homemade platter, try drizzling the infused oil over some buratta (or any soft cheese). You’ll experience a burst of flavour that will take your platter to the next level. Enjoy!


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