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Relax, Refresh and Recharge


Feel completely serene with this stunning gift box, ideal to spoil yourself or why not treat a loved one?  These gorgeous products help promote inner peace and calm, even when life gets too much!  With calmness comes serenity, so take some time out and let this gift box give you the soothing relaxation you want. Read more

Maho Sensory Sticks

30 incense sticks encased in a glass tube for portable take anywhere burn. Enjoy this innovation on the classic incense and fill your space with fragrances that will activate the senses and invigorate the soul. MAHŌ button burner included

LUXE ROSES Glass Pebble

The Pebble, a minimalist incense holder in warm amber glass.

Keep your incense upright and your shelves looking fabulous with the Glass Pebble.

Nicole Louise Apothecary Moroccan Ghassoul 100ml

Our 100% pure Moroccan Ghassoul clay is unsurpassed in quality and purity. This all natural and organic clay is meticulously sourced from ancient mineral-rich lake beds found deep within the Atlas Mountains and supplied to us directly from Morocco.

Nicole Louise Apothecary Eau de Rose Moroccan Rose Water 100ml

Pure Rose Water is derived from the Rosa Damascena growing wild in organic and pesticide free soil in Morocco's Valley of Roses.

Botanist Bath Rose Soak

Indulge and relax with this feminine and sensual, rose infused magnesium soak.

Pour your desired amount into a bath and relax while the magnesium soothes tired muscles and the rose petal powder smooths skin.  Himalayan salt promotes sleep, detoxification and stress reduction.  Pair with a glass of wine or a cup of herbal tea for the ultimate evening bath.

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All products are carefully packed in our soft touch gift boxes, supported with crinkle paper for extra protection. A beautifully created everlasting posy is placed within the gift box, It is all then wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a premium Luxe Roses sticker. A handwritten card is included on top of the tissue paper and your box is closed and tied with beautiful grosgrain ribbon to complete the gift then shipped to the recipients door or yours.

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