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Sicilia Rosso IGP ‘Tancredi’ Dolce & Gabbana Ed. Lim. 2017- 750ml Donnafugata


The latest limited and numbered edition is born from the collaboration of the two Italian excellences.'Tancredi 'Dolce & Gabbana by Donnafugata is the result of a partnership with famous Sicilian designers. Limited edition gift box and label. Read more

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Cabernet Sauvignon in blend is an important red with elegant structure and a wide olfactory spectrum; hints of licorice, cocoa and black cherry with a touch of menthol notes. Wide and enveloping structure, of remarkable persistence, it goes well with red meats.


The name Tancredi recalls one of the protagonists of Il Gattopardo (The Leopard), an inexhaustible source of inspiration also for Dolce&Gabbana; in the novel and in the film of the same name, Tancredi is the favorite nephew of the Prince of Salina, precisely because of his charm and ability to adapt to changes. With a passionate and irrefutably Sicilian character, Tancredi was born in 1990 from an innovative blend for that era of a native grape variety with an international one. Dolce&Gabbana has created the coordinated image of the Limited Edition of this “revolutionary” wine, paying homage precisely to the Leopard, and in particular to the contrast between tradition and modernity that Tancredi summarizes in itself: and if gold, blue and lines sinuous of Baroque inspiration celebrate the splendor of the aristocracy now in decline, red, green and pointed geometric figures refer to the new revolutionary values that are emerging in Sicily after the unification of Italy and which prelude to the contemporary history of the island.


The name Donnafugata, literally ‘woman in flight’ refers to the history of Queen Maria Carolina, wife of Ferdinand IV of Bourbon, who fled Naples in the early 1800s on the arrival of Napoleon’s troops, seeking refuge in the part of Sicily where the winery’s vineyards now stand. This event inspired the Donnafugata logo, the effigy of a  woman’s head with windblown hair found on every bottle. It was Sicilian author Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa in his novel Il Gattopardo (The Leopard) who gave the name Donnafugata to the country estates of the Prince of Salina. The estate was where the queen stayed, and it now holds the winery’s vineyards.


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