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The Lennox Dish, part of our 'SPHERICAL NOTIONS' collection, is an embodiment of modern design, artfully crafted to aesthetically tie together any space. Its curvaceous shape and lack of harsh edges effuse harmony within the room. Subtle enough to rest on a bookshelf, or boldly showcased as the centerpiece of your desk, coffee or dining table - the Lennox Dish provides an inescapable visual impact. Read more

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Handcrafted locally in Sydney by The Oddative, each piece is man-made in small batches through a slow and thoughtful process. Every item is unique in its own form, texture and finish. This means no two pieces are identical, being uniquely designed for you and your space.

Dimensions 15cm diameter x 3.5cm height.


Our pieces are principally designed for decor and are suitable for dry food presentation only. Please note, utensils may leave subtle cut marks on the surface.

After dry food usage, wash your piece under warm water and wipe down with a dry cloth immediately. Due to the medium, used there are possibilities of markings from certain food items.

To keep your piece in its best form, avoid any contact with direct heat such as an oven, microwave or dishwasher. Our pieces are durable, although should be treated and handled with gentle care as you would with any glass or ceramic pieces.


Each piece will have bubbles on the surface and at the base. There may also be variations in colour and textures, which are not considered a fault and all part of the natural man-made process.


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