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Scent Australia Rechargeable Battery Diffuser


A powerful cold air diffusion, rechargeable battery diffuser that is quality made and portable. Read more

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At a Glance
  • Superior cold air diffusion scenting mechanism
  • Aroma oil refill sold separately
  • 100% portable with up to 20 hours between recharges
  • Plug and play setup
  • 1 year warranty


Detailed Features

Cold air diffusion scenting mechanism this diffuser utilises “cold air diffusion” sub-micron diffusion technology which effectively and safely breaks down fragrance molecules, resulting in a more vibrant and complex fragrance profile.

Versatility and scenting control this battery diffuser has two easy to use diffusion power settings; 50% or 100%. Once fully charged you can move it wherever you want. The battery will last for between 10-20 hours depending on power setting before it needs to be recharged (BATTERY INCLUDED).
Convenient simplicity set your desired scent diffusion intervals, attach a bottle of fragrance and place the diffuser anywhere you want. You’re now ready to diffuse whatever beautiful scent you’d like in your home! The diffuser is also USB rechargeable and is 100% cordless when in use.
1 year warranty, the Battery powered diffuser is built to last and comes with a complete 1-year mechanical warranty.
4cm x 10cm x 12.7cm






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