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Chilli Pressed Olive Oil 250ml


With approximately 15 Red Cayenne Chillies per bottle, this Chilli Pressed, cold co-pressed agrumato style olive oil, packs a punch of flavour and heat. Just fresh South Australian chillies and olives cold pressed together to create an amazing flavour sensation. Use anywhere you want some chilli flavour and extra heat. Read more

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Rio Vista Olives was born in 1996 by the hard-working Augusto & Helen Lorenzetti. Hand planting all their olive trees in the sunny town of Mypolonga, South Australia, the grove was grown from a place of passion and love.

Why you will love Rio Vista Olives…

It’s the healthiest oil, with the highest anti-oxidant levels, no saturated fats or nasties. Not only does it taste good, but it’s good for you. The olives are taken off the tree at the right time, harvested at an ideal time for the particular variety and plant. There is no mass production line, instead treating olive harvest as an art form—the oxygen, temperature, crushing time and extraction elements combine to make it an artisan product.

Nothin’ But Olives—simple, to the point. A bottle filled with ‘nothin’ but’ SA grown and harvested olives. The rebranding and simplifying of everyday oil has helped cut through, receiving a good response from those conscious with how they are fuelling their body.


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