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Mexico City Foods Tortilla Chips – Chilli Lime 300g


The perfect snack food enhanced with the most Mexican of flavours, chilli lime. Read more

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Brand:  Mexico City

Country of Origin: Australia

Net Weight:  300g


Ingredients: Wholegrain Australian Corn, canola oil,Salt, Spices (Paprika, Red Pepper Cayenne, Chilli), Maltodextrin (Maize), Acidity Regulators (330, 262), Dehydrated Vegetable (Red Bell), Fruit Oil (Lime), Flavour, Spice Extract (Capsicum).


Mexico City Foods bring pure Mexican flair to the people.

GLUTEN + PRESERVATIVE FREE – Many commercial tacos and tortillas are made from reconstituted corn flour and contain hidden gluten and preservatives, however all Mexico City Food products are gluten and preservative free.

VARIETY + UNIQUENESS – Disrupt the boring corn-chip scene with exciting flavours and engaging additions to your Mexican line. This unique and great value range shows consistent turnover.

MADE USING THE TRADITIONAL NIXTAMAL METHOD – Very few brands offer traditional Nixtamal products, making Mexico City Foods pretty special – and a must-have for your store.

NON GMO + VEGAN – Corn is a leading GMO crop, but you’ll find no genetically-modified material here. Most of the range is also free from animal products.

100% AUSTRALIAN – Although steeped in Mexican tradition, all Mexico City Foods products use 100% Australian ingredients.


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